A new dimension, a new experience! Wheels, this new project of Zdeněk Pohlreich, has one aim and one purpose. To join food and wonderful outdoors settings into a unique dining experience.


a restaurant on wheels

Wheels, as the name suggests, is a mobile restaurant, limited only by your imagination. It will go anywhere, bringing all the equipment, service and comfort needed for a perfect culinary experience. You need not to worry about anything. Just enjoy quality gourmet food, excellent company and the scenery of your choice.

The Wheels restaurant is a highly sophisticated, 50 ft long truck trailer system, which can be hauled to any chosen site and bring you your own dream of the perfect catering and dining experience, all under the personal supervision of Zdeněk Pohlreich.

Within three hours the trailer is transformed into a fully-fledged, air-conditioned restaurant, with its own energy and water supply, cooking, cooling, storage, and sanitary facilities. With its fully equipped and functional kitchen and a cozy entry hall, it offers luxury seating for up to 30 guests on 800 sq. feet of space. If necessary, a spacious outdoor terrace can be set up within another hour. The service and comfort are easily comparable to regular brick-and-mortar restaurants.

Appropriate location makes the Wheels restaurant of Zdeněk Pohlreich into a completely unique and one-of-a-kind dining experience. Wheels offers its services to all who wish to arrange a truly extraordinary culinary experience for their esteemed clients or close friends, all on a site of their choice and with the professional skills of Zdeněk Pohlreich and his team.

Given the highly individual nature of these requests, please use the form below to specify your wishes and requirements. Our team will contact you with an offer.

An exclusive partnership with Almiro Hospitality


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